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Cornovii Development Ltd

eLearning Case Study

“Exceeded expectations

“Valuable support


“Really helpful”

Lindsay TrumanDevelopment Project Manager

Cornovii Developments Ltd is a private company wholly owned by Shropshire Council that has been established to address housing market failures and gaps across the County which lead to unmet housing needs across Shropshire. CDL’s aim is to start building 100 homes in the first year, increasing to 250 per year by 2023, specifically increasing provision of 2 and 3 bedroom affordable homes. CDL developments will include 60% of homes for market sale and 40% affordable homes. CDL sells its affordable homes to local RPs.  Cornovii is a small team of 5 people including the Managing Director, 2 Development Project Managers, 1 Business Manager and a Strategic Corporate Accountant.  


“I’ve attended other eLearning sessions however this was my first SDS eLearning. Since starting the SDS eLearning courses I have found them to exceed expectations providing valuable support to their clients. SDS have gone above and beyond with their service and support and the support team are always really friendly and helpful.” 


“My knowledge of ProVal and Sequel in how to set up and use the systems increased substantially from 0 to 80% during the sessions. The support of the trainer contributed to this as Kat was fabulous at keeping energy and interaction levels up throughout all the training sessions. The thing I liked most about these sessions was that we were able to undertake them from the comfort of our own homes.  After attending these sessions I’d be highly inclined to recommend these training courses to a friend or colleague and will look to attend more sessions in the future. Overall I thought it was excellent.”

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Category: Housing Association

Attended eLearning: August 2020

Number of ProVal users: 5

Number of Sequel users: 5

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